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The ARTICHOKE has digestive, diuretic and hepatoprotective and thanks to the presence of inulin lowers cholesterol levels; also, in the heart of the artichoke it is present chlorogenic acid, antioxidant substance capable of preventing the risk of atherosclerotic and cardiovascular diseases. The ALMOND represent a good source of minerals (potassium, calcium, iron), mono and polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants that counteract the harmful effects of free radicals and prevent cell aging. For the high content of magnesium they are capable of reducing the daily stress and are indicated in the case of constipation due to the presence of vegetable fibers.

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Artichokes 78%, 5% Parsley, ALMOND 5%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5%, 5% of sunflower seed oil, salt 1%, 0.5% Garlic, Black Pepper 0.5%. ALLERGENS CONTAINS


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