Best Sicily Food Best Sicily Food

…”Un populu diventa poviru e servu quannu ci arrubbanu a lingua addutata di patri: è persu pi sempri”…
Ignazio Buttitta – sicilian poet 

Ignazio Buttitta, a Sicilian poet in his memorable poem he wrote: “A people becomes poor and servant when he loses his identity but when the language of his forefathers is stolen he is lost forever.”

With the project “UPANARU” Best Sicily Food – Made in Italy, we are proud to present national and international attention some of the products of the cultural tradition of Sicilian food, in order not to lose what “our forefathers” have preserved.

By purchasing the typical “panaro” BestSicilyFood, the consumer brings home a piece of Sicily.

Thanks in advance for your time and Kind regards

Fabrizio Melfa, MD – Amministratore Unico Mediaging SRL

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