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About us

Upanaru-Best Sicily Food, is a brand of Mediaging Srl.

Young Sicilian company that sells typical products of high quality food tradition, without adding any synthetic substance.

The business idea was born from a passion for an old Sicilian culinary tradition, whose value is recognized and appreciated around the world, a passion that has led us to a historical and cultural research on the roots of this great heritage.

We selected the typical food of our culture, we produce them in the traditional way and in harmony with nature and seasonality. We focus on quality and authenticity of the ingredients used, following them from the crop until their transformation.

Our major products are:

Pastas and Sicilian ancient grains Flour moliti stone (Tumminia, Biancolilla, Perciasacchi, bidi, Majorca); Pate, and Pesti Conserve ortolane and fish: Legumes (black lentils, green lentils of Villalba, broad beans of Leonforte, chickpea varieties Pascià, blacks chickpeas); Sauces for pasta; Extra jams and marmalades; dried fruit; Sicilian black bee honey; Wine jellies; Traditional sweets; Sicilian spices and much more.

We deal with many local products such as wine and olive oil, but also craft beers Sicilian.

must feature of our company is the Panaro ( ‘u panaru – in sicliano), typical basket-Sicilian basket formerly used by farmers and filled with freshly harvested products.

The Panari we offer are many and the choice is vast, both to the forms that the content produced.

The staff of Mediaging Srl, owner of the brand “Upanaru – Best Sicily Food, consists of Fabrizio Melfa, M.D.(surgeon, specialist in food science; aesthetic doctor; professor at the University of Pavia to Master aesthetic medicine and wellness and member of the Faculty ZO international – Beverly Hills – USA); Maria Rosaria Lupo, Ph.D.(biologist and quality manager of the company); Dr. Sonia Gaeta (Administrative Manager);Francesca Tabone (Logistics and Warehouse).

The company was the protagonist during the EXPO 2015 in Milan, at the Bio-Mediterranean Cluster.

Respectful of the Sicilian food and cultural tradition of the old recipes, our company employs a staff physician of excellence, made up of specialists in food science of Mediaging Program formed by the specialist dr. Fabrizio Melfa (dietitian and Nutritionist), Dr. Valeria Sacco (Dietitian) and Dr. Eleonora Mammana (Dietitian).